Dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of natural lands for the benefit of native biological diversity, science and education, 
and public enjoyment.   

Founded in 1992

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The North Woods Conservancy (NWC) is a bunch of like-minded people who have banded together to buy Natural Areas in the Keweenaw to keep them open for wildlife and people forever.  We are ALL VOLUNTEER, which means 100% of all donations go to land acquisition.  The NWC is a 501c3 non-profit, so donations are deductible too.  Some properties have mortgages, which are paid with donations.  Any single or recurring donation is awesome.  Nobody can do this alone, but we can do it together.

The most painless way to donate is by a monthly cc or bank auto debit (click the Donate button above).  $15/month, or you can do $150-$200 one time.  Or whatever.  If you want to mail in a check, use the address below.  We need 500 Monthly Sustainers ($12-$15/month or  $150/year) to make the Seven Mile Point mortgage payment. 

Look at what we have accomplished so far:  NWC Natural Areas 

Together, WE DID THIS!!  Amazing : ) Aren’t these places worth 15 bucks per month?   

North Woods Conservancy

PO Box 124

Calumet, Michigan 49913

office: (906) 370-3248   

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