Conglomerate Falls


Secluded (solar powered!) cabin for rent.

275 acres with 1.3 miles of the Gratiot River.

Come see the Falls and River for the day, or stay for a week!

DIRECTIONS Proceed to Ahmeek (4 miles north of Calumet on US 41) then turn left on Hubbell Street (at the Ahmeek Streetcar Station) and go 2 blocks (the park will be on your left), then turn right on Bollman. After a couple blocks, Bollman turns into Five Mile Point Road. About 2.6 miles after leaving US 41, turn left on South Farmer’s Block Road. Go straight on South FBR for 1.0 miles (it changes names from SFBR to Tanskanen Road at 0.8 miles), then continue straight onto 1600 Conglomerate Falls Lane, the two track woods road where the paved road makes a 90 degree right turn (if you turn right, you will get to the dead end of Tanskanen/ plow turn around in 0.3 miles; if so you need to back track to C Falls Lane). The two track leads about 0.4 miles to a parking area near the falls. Please be aware that the first quarter mile of this road is an easement on private property.  Please drive slowly and do not leave the easement. Please do not drive up to or park at the cabin. If you would like to rent the cabin, please Contact Us. See also the larger West Allouez Township map on the Trailhead page.

HOURS AND RULES: Open every day during daylight hours. Fishing permitted. Prohibited: Fires, camping, hunting (except bow and crossbow deer hunting exclusively for the cabin renter), trapping, and motor vehicles (except on entry road). *Horse trails coming!  Want to help?!  Email us*

A special THANK YOU goes out to Olson Electric and Michigan Energy Solutions of Houghton for their generous donation of time, an inverter, and a solar panel.

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1.  In the beginning (2010), there was the Conglomerate Falls Cabin parcel.

The NWC raised a 40% down payment and got a loan for the rest.  We almost didn’t make it — had raised only 3/4 of the needed amount — but the Gratiot River Angel first made an appearance and donated the final amount.  Getting this 40 acres was a real coup -- it’s a longtime favorite fishing hole, one of those “Keweenaw Favorite Places” that the NWC was formed to keep open, and we had been pursuing it for more than a decade.

Phase I, 40 acres with a cabin and 1,378’ of the Gratiot River:

2.  And then the Gratiot River Angel re-appeared (2011), and said “The Gratiot River is Good, We Must Do More”.  

The NWC said “we can’t do more — we are buried by debt from Gratiot River North and Seven Mile Point”.   The GR Angel said “Let’s buy the next 80, we can’t not.  We’ll make this happen and whatever the cabin rental proceeds don’t cover, I will.  (note — cabin rental donations pay 100% of the Phase II mortgage). 

And Phase II happened, 80 acres with 1,725’ of the river:

3.  Then it was learned that the “next" 80 was for sale (Oct 2014).  CF Phase III?

The “next” 80, immediately south of CF Phase II, has perhaps the nicest frontage on the Gratiot — huge trees, much topographic relief.  The NWC contacted the Gratiot River Angel.  The Donor spoke:  “Go for it.  We must!”  Again, the NWC said “We can’t, we are working hard to make the mortgage payments on the Big Loan and can’t take on anything else”.  The Donor said:  "We must, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  But the NWC must match my donation, and put in a few tent sites or another cabin to help make the payments going forward”.  Jubilation!  But wait — there was an error.  The parcel for sale is NOT this parcel; it’s the one to the east.  Depression.  Plan abandoned.

NWC decides to touch base with the owner.  Owner says “It’s not actively for sale, but...  Let’s see if we can make it happen in 2015-2016.”  Jubilation again!  So Phase III happened September - December 2016, when $70,000 was raised.  Thank you to all our donors!! (note - the remainder owed was rolled into the Phase II mortgage, and the entire monthly mortgage amount continues to be 100% covered by the Cabin rental donations).

CF Phase III:  80 acres with 2,380 feet of the river:  

4.  And then the 2014 Miracle Occurred.  The Gratiot River Angel asked “What about that other property to the east?  The NWC should get that too!  Since Phase III isn’t going to happen until next year, let’s do Phase IV now”.  So, wonder of wonder and miracle of miracles, CF Phase IV happened.  The NWC raised $24,000 between Dec 9 and Dec 30, and we closed on Dec 31, 2014.  Happy New Year!!  2017 Update: a small amount is still owed on Phase IV, and our Angel Donor helps each month. BUT if we can build another Cabin, and generate more income, the Angel Donor’s job will be done, and we can use the 2nd Cabin rental donations to pay off all the principal on Phases II, III, and IV.

CF Phase IV 75.27 acres with 1,405 feet of the Gratiot River:


275.27 acres of wild and scenic land with 6,888’ of river (1.3 miles, both sides), that will be kept open for wildlife/ public recreation/ fishing in perpetuity!!  AMAZING

Access is from either the NE side of the river (South Farmers Block Road to Tanskanen Road to 1600 Conglomerate Falls Lane / CF Phases I and II), or from the SW side of the river (Bumbletown Road/ Gratiot River Shortcut Road/ CF Phases III and IV).   

ANYONE WANT TO TAKE THE LEAD ON BUILDING A CABIN OR TWO TO GENERATE INCOME TO PAY THE MORTGAGE ON THESE PROPERTIES?  Cabin builders get lifetime annual 2 week occupancy - contact us today!